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Musician, arranger, composer, producer and radio commentator based in Jacksonville FL.

Sometimes You Gotta Keep Goin’

  When the LP J.J. Inc. by J. J. Johnson– — was first released in 1961, I rushed out and grabbed a copy. It instantly became, and still is, one of my favorite albums. Great writing and arrangements by … Continue reading

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America’s Election Process

Since the last national election cycle began and culminated with yesterday’s inauguration, It became noticeably apparent just how convoluted, sorted and hideous the election process in the USA actually is. This is not, although some will disagree, a partisan or unpatriotic … Continue reading

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My Military Service

When I graduated from high school (June 1961) I looked at three choices, basically: Accept a music scholarship, go to work or join the military. Since it was the beginning of the so-called, Vietnam conflict era; and the draft was in … Continue reading

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Working With Freddie Hubbard

Long before I met, and subsequently worked with, Freddie; I had heard him on records and read about him in jazz magazines. The first time I saw him live was when he was with one of J.J. Johnson’s sextets in … Continue reading

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My times with the Ray Charles Orchestra

  In 1970 I decided to move away from my hometown of Jacksonville,FL, where I had a decent day job and a, somewhat, active music career–on a local level; I led a band and did studio work, as well as … Continue reading

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