America’s Election Process


Since the last national election cycle began and culminated with yesterday’s inauguration, It became noticeably apparent just how convoluted, sorted and hideous the election process in the USA actually is. This is not, although some will disagree, a partisan or unpatriotic comment; it has real merit. It’s actually a set-up, at least. No wonder there is so much apathy within the body politic.

The election process, especially at the national level, is one intentionally confusing apparatus. When Mark Twain said:

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

He surely had a point.

Many citizens, for several assorted reasons, don’t or can’t vote; that we know. And some who vote, feel that their votes mean little or less. The ‘millions’ of votes that got outweighed (overlooked really) in the general election recently are cases at point. And, the  big money involved in the campaigns is absolutely insane, and in a few places obscene. It is a millionaire’s game these days–two parties only, for the most part, too

These are my feelings and I will not debate them. I will, however,  challenge you–agree or disagree– to look at the list of items below and see if you fully understand them and their implications. As an informed, concerned citizen/voter, you should. If not, therein lies part of the problem.  How many of these do you fully understand? Do you find any unfair or objectionable? Etc:


General election

Electoral college

Electoral congress

Delegates pledged, Unpledged, Super

Conventions, brokered, contested

Winner take all, proportioned


Super PACs, Campaign PACs


Popular vote vs Electoral vote

Eligible and Restricted voting, ID Laws

Early voting

Same day voting only

Absentee ballots

Two party system

Voting across party lines

(You might think of others, not listed)***

So, these are the main ones though.

And add this to the mix, each of the 50 States goes with voting laws and rules independently; none are congruent.

One thing is certain, the whole of the system needs to be revisited, simplified and made fair. Look at the list and ponder it once more. If you think it makes sense to have all of those factors at play in the process, so be it. I do not.

*** Make it know via Comment.

About Sanifu Al Hall, Jr.

Musician, arranger, composer, producer and radio commentator based in Jacksonville FL.
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